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Sun Health at Home

Preparing Your Home For Your Retirement

Visual Guide

A Visual Guide

Today, most seniors want to age in place. And why not? Your home is your sanctuary — a familiar and comfortable space that’s all your own. But the only way to be truly successful in your plan to age in place is to ensure your home is well-prepared.

To help you cover all your bases and make sure you can fulfill your retirement dream, we’ve put together a visual guide and helpful home update checklist.

In this resource, you’ll discover …

  • The top six home zones to consider when preparing to age in place
  • How to make sure each area of your home is designed for safety and comfort
  • An easy-to-print checklist to make sure you don’t miss a single thing
  • … and much more.

Fill out the form to access your free guide now!

Fill out the form to access your free guide now!