Investing in the care of those things that matter to us most isn’t anything unusual. We set aside money for our children or grandchildren’s college funds. We consider extended warranties on our vehicles. We even insure those items we’ve come to treasure, such as wedding rings and special anniversary gifts.

Sun Health Senior Living communities allow you to make the most important investment ever — an investment in your future. And while there is an upfront investment associated with it, the savings and peace of mind for you and your family that comes with a Life Care community can be significant. When you invest in your future through Life Care, you are guaranteed lifetime access to health care no matter the need, all provided within a community you love.

Our residents tell us that they love everything about Sun Health Senior Living. However, the most important reason they move into one of our communities is that they are planning for their future. And with our Life Care guarantee, that future is bright and filled with possibility. Each of Sun Health’s three senior living communities – Grandview Terrace (Sun City West), La Loma Village (Litchfield Park) and The Colonnade (Sun City Grand / Surprise) – offer a full range of Life Care options.

Nearly one-third of adults 65 and over live alone, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. While some older adults enjoy living by themselves, others feel lonely and isolated, which increases their risk of depression and cognitive decline.

But here’s the good news: You can prevent this outcome starting today.

Social activity can help boost your mood, enhance self-esteem, improve memory and provide you with a more fulfilling, enriching retirement experience. To help you learn how to kick-start your social life, we’ve compiled a helpful resource.

What investing in Life Care can mean for you …

  • Freedom of choice
  • Peace of mind
  • Independence
  • Greater predictability of health care costs
  • A variety of contract options to fit your financial situation
  • … and much more.

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